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USS Vanguard Logo

USS Vanguard:

a Chapter of STARFLEET International

The USS Vanguard is a chapter of STARFLEET International and in friendly relations with Starfleet Command Gaming Clan. Her mission is to explore and engage in a wide variety of family oriented, online entertainment, which includes but is not limited to:

  • PC Gaming
  • Internet Gaming
  • Sci Fi Entertainment
  • Role Playing
  • And much more…

The idea for this online chapter came from Roger Stearns and Chris Esquibel back in December 2002. They both enjoyed gaming and wanted to build a chapter where members could enjoy playing online related games, get involved in chapter activities and meet new people. Now under the command of Aleksander Nordgarden-Rødner, the chapter will explore the next generation of online gaming.

USS Vanguard Disclaimer:

USS Vanguard – A Chapter of STARFLEET International, All Rights Reserved ®

Maintenance of the USS Vanguard website is done by Webmaster USS Vanguard.
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